Wednesday, November 09, 2005

SoundPractice interviews Chris Rangel. Another Interesting Interview

I recently discussed the podcast interview with Grunt Doc and now Chris Rangel takes center stage at SoundPractice. I don't know why I like to blog this stuff but I find it interesting to actually hear what people think and how they interview. I particularly like blogging surprises.

So you ask, are there any surprises? Yes.

First, Dr. Rangel was asked if he'd do this again and he did the same song and dance that Grunt Doc did except, in the end, he said "No". It took a while but it finally came out. So I'll save all of you the long pause, Would I do it all over again? The correct answer is actually "Hell No!". I agree Dr. Rangel.

One great question: Do you think the public is sympathetic to the pressures of medicine? He says no but I'm not sure. So are you?

And...Rangel used to be a hospitalist. Maybe he can throw a few tips my way. I'm really torn between going to outpatient versus staying in the inpatient setting.

What's the best blog he ever read? Well...I can't give the secret away, you need a reason to listen to the interview.

I'm thinking more and more about interviewing as well. I'm getting some requests from other sources to interview but I keep wondering what they're expecting to hear? I'm not a very pensive human being. Would any of you like to hear my voice?