Monday, May 16, 2005

Gray's Anatomy "Save Me". A Resident's Review

I am contemplating changing series. Maybe, I'll begin to review "House" or some other medical oriented show, something on cable.

I really don't even know where to begin last night's overview. It was just so bad. Just so terribly bad. I know I repeated myself, it's really from the overwhelming disgust that something so abundantly misleading could ever end up on network television.

How were any of these patients placed on the surgery service? Did they ever hear of "Internal Medicine" at Seattle Grace Hospital? Apparently not.

Opening Scene: Pathetic.

Dr. Shepard (Patrick Dempsey) wakes up at Ellen Pompeo's house with her fellow interns. He goes to the kitchen and eats breakfast with them. Everything is soooo cool and mellow. Yep, just your typical Attending sleeping with intern in over at other intern's house. Yo dudes, whussssuuppp!

Simply put, NO! If they only understood how ridiculous that entire scene seems to medical personnel. It undermines any last inkling of authority this Attending would have.

No further comment on this plotline, it's a real loser for me and highly unrealistic.

Lets get this over with:

1. Orthodox Jew with Presumable Endocarditis: I say "presumable" because no one ever specifically states she had endocarditis. They say she had a dental procedure, then a fever, and now she needs a new valve. I'm assuming it's endocarditis. It's a recurring theme with this show where we have to guess the diagnosis. Like the unknown "advanced carcinoma" (we'll get to that soon) so I'm guessing the budget is too tight to bring in a medical consultant who can spell the diagnosis and teach them how to "pro-nou-nce" it.

The writers/directors screwed this story up so royally. First, endocarditis is an Internal Medicine case. Second, I am also an orthodox Jew and have never even heard of such a RIDICULOUS argument as to say that a porcine valve would be unkosher. Seriously!

Third, if you decided to make her orthodox, even have an outright argument with her parents during the show about the merits of reform Judaism then she would need a MALE rabbi, as one of the BIGGEST differences between Orthodox and reform Jews is the fact that the former does not accept females as rabbis.

Next horrible story line:

2. Seizures/Psychic man with the AVM: AVM stands for Arterial-Venous Malformation, it is the main cause of most subarrachnoid hemorrhages, a specific type of stroke. I will be brief with this one:

Seizures go to Internal Medicine. Surgeons don't do seizures. Surgeon's also don't do psychiatric clearance. Psychics don't really exist. Is this a medical show? I'm starting to have doubts.

Ms. Glass. Invasive "Carcinoma":


Really, I'm getting more upset.

Mainly to highlight Chang's own conflict with her pregnancy this patient had the choice between her own life and termination of her pregnancy. Would have been a really interesting case, maybe deserved a little more attention. Could have used a lot less of the ridiculous couple.

however, The show's apparent need to be as non-specific as possible is harmful since it perpetuates the common misnomer of "Cancer". There are different types of cancer, each with it's own form of treatment, it's own prognosis.

BTW, Were they planning on calling Obstetrics? Really? You think you should call OB? Naaa....Why in the world would you ever call OB? C'mon, you're a surgeon.

Thank goodness this is the last one:

Mr. Walker and the ascending paralysis.

Tthis case was ridiculous. A Neurologist never sees this man, Guillen-Barre (The most obvious diagnosis) is never entertained, the MRI is negative and Dempsey drags this man into the OR and opens his spine, just to prevent intubation.

Wait, let's examine how surgeries are done: Pt goes to OR, pt gets placed in position, patient is INTUBATED!

Let me help you with this "pro-noun-cia-tion", can you say "mal-prac-tice"?

No wonder people misunderstand the way modern medicine functions.

Last night show was deplorable.