Sunday, October 24, 2004

A Conflict of Interest

Unfortunately, I have noticed that hits to this blog go way up after I announce some horrible death, gross error or a particular patient who is about to code. It seems that tragedy fascinates you guys and the numbers are there to prove it.
Of course, as you may deduce, this is an unpredictable complication and one I would have never predicted in advance. As doctors and scientists (I use that term very loosely), we try not to get ourselves into such conundrums. Now as I run to a code I have to think: What will my audience want to hear, that we saved him or that he died? That we saved him and then he died anyways? That he died and then rose form the dead to sue us all? As you can see, this is a horrible conflict of interest and just may affect my performance.
The interesting point is: The more bad things happen the more depressed I get. The more depressed I get the worse I feel, the more I sexually malfunction, the less I sleep, the grumpier I get, the more I write sad depressing things and hence the more people come to the blog etc. etc. So, it may thus be deduced that in a way you animals want me to suffer and that I am powerless against it because were I not suffering who would be reading this blog?
Think about that for a while.
Let’s see how well you sleep at night.