Sunday, June 05, 2005

Number Seven

This is the Future Intern and I decided to take time from my busy schedule to deliver my gratitude to the few bloggers out there who had comments about the previous post, specifically advice number seven. Yes, you know who you are. In fact, I so wanted to thank those few that I hacked into the Madman’s blog.

Seems my Resident upset everyone with good’ol #7. He thought he was doing everyone a favor he says “Just a few tips on how to coast through residency”. He didn’t even consider that number seven would inflame readers. He thought number eight was the gem of the post. What a dummy!

But I’m here only to explain that he probably was intending to say that if a patient has multiple complaints THAT DON”T MAKE SENSE, it is very likely that there is a psychiatric component and that maybe you should attempt to explore it. Not that one should completely dismiss it!

But you had to have your say. He comes in storming into the call room this morning talking about how this and that study proved this and that and that he was absolutely right.

So here’s where I express my sincere gratitude to those few altruistic readers who decided to point out the obvious. HE decided that I should write a post about it with proof that what he said wasn’t complete bullcr*p. Me! The Intern who just came off a twenty four hour call. Me!

Thanks everyone. I was only 72 hours away from a beautiful vacation after a year with a Resident otherwise easily confused for a lunatic and you get me assigned to a paper?

Sincere Gratitude, (%^$##*)
Future Intern