Thursday, November 10, 2005

Some Completely Useless Random Thoughts

Well, like I stated in the previous post, if you have nothing original to write about then you should just avoid posting. I think that not posting is a legitimate choice. No one expects that you post every day. Although I know some people who can, Maria, I am by no means aiming to do just that. So I post when I have something to say or when I want to link something I find interesting.

Today, I have nothing medically related to write about. I haven't written a post on future intern either, although that's not too far away, she's too cute for me to share right now. So What I decided to post about, which I realized I never do, is actually what's going through my mind. As boring as this can be these actually are things that I think about and can give you a good uderstanding of my ADHD affliction. They are not medically related.

These thoughts are totally random. Read on if it interests you otherwise come back some other day, maybe I'll think of something worthwhile.

I like to go through the 'blog's of note' that blogger picks every month. Sometimes I find blogs with truly exceptional writing or concerning subjects that I know nothing about but would interest me. For example, out of this month's batch I think that this blog about animation is quite interesting. Although I am a big fan of Pixar and Disney, animation is not a subject I could discuss intelligently. I'm happy blogger found it and maybe I'll give it a read once in a while.

This other blog about Taxes also really interests me. I am making a really big effort to investing in understanding finances and taxes are a huge part of this education. I read in a book that said we spend from January to May working just to pay off our taxes. Five months just to pay taxes. I don't know about you, but that scares me. I never really thought about it that way. I'm also trying to establish a few buisnesses on the side right now. I think today's physician has to know about investing if he/she intends on living comfortably. I really hope to avoid the excessive work that most internists find themselves trapped in. The only way I'd succeed is if there is money coming in from other places. Maybe my background in buisness can help me here.

Another blog called about camera tossing looks really cool. I really don't have much to say about it other than that.

The rest of the 'blogs of note' are more personal and people post about their life etc. Although I do much of that here I usually don't find that it interests me too much. If anything, this blog deserves an honorable mention for the coolest logo.

Which brings me to my next point: Please change your blog wallpaper from the standard ones that Blogger offers. I know some of you are afraid to mess around with the Template but this is really not very difficult. You can do what I did and just start another fake blog with your same current template and mess around with that one. When you figure it out then do exactly the same changes to your blog. I know you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover but I think it just makes your page look a little bit more cool.
Tip: A good way to start is to find a wallpaper you like and look at the "source" code. You can find that by scrolling down from "view" at the top menu on Explorer. I learned a lot from doing this.

I'm afraid my life will go by and I won't notice. It's already happening.

I miss being single. I'm thrilled that I'm married.

I'm really tired of using Mad House Madman as a name but I'm afraid most of you will completely butcher my real last name, it's spelled incorrectly. This is the curse of my life. It's gotten so bad I've stopped correcting people. Really, everyone at the hospital has been mispronouncing my name for three years now. I never bother to correct them. I'm tired. My real first name is Joe, short for Joseph.

I'm from Israel where there were terrorist bombings every day. Innocent people died. This went on for decades and the world didn't care. Not until September 11th. So now when there are attacks in Moslim countries, and Moslims die, deep down I don't know if I feel badly for them. I feel guilty about that but it's the truth.

I find it outrageous that this country is not outraged by the war in Iraq and by the administration that sent our kids into a warzone on false pretenses. They are dying there and I can't understand how the idea that there will be democracy in Iraq is worth their lives. I don't really believe that the democracy will survive ten years after we pull out. What are we doing? What did we do? You say that they didn't know that there were no WMDs? since when do we accept ignorance as an excuse? Especially when it lead to so much damage. I voted Republican in the first election and Democrat in the second.

I don't know how long I can keep being a physician. I give myself ten years and after that, if past performance is any indication, I will move on to something else.

I wish blogging was worth something. I guess it is because I'm interested in how people respond to what I write and what they have to say. But it's not worth anything financial, only personal.

I wish they featured my blog on 'blogs of note' when I started, it would have made getting a readership much easier.

This post wasn't edited at all, so excuse the poor writing. Shortly, I'll get back to writing medical related posts. But words on a [age can never describe the person writing them.

Have a great weekend, you deserve it.