Tuesday, October 25, 2005

It's Been a Long Time. Grand Rounds

The Grand Rounds are up at Hospital Impact and it's been a long long time since I've plugged it. Shame, it's where I first got started and got noticed as a wildly entertaining and informative blog. Right?

Looking through some of the posts I'm amazed how I've managed to not notice all these new medical bloggers out there. There's some great med-blogging going on and some fantastic new writers. I guess it's time to update my link list.

Other Updates: the Amazon ad has been removed from this blog just in time to hide it's author's desperation for medical school loans repaymeny funds. Well, don't worry about it. This blog is free and I don't ask a penny of you to read it. Not one penny. Even though I waste my precious time solely to entertain my readers. Time when I could be making money to feed my ten starving children and my anorexic, not by choice, dog. But really, don't worry about it, you just go ahead and enjoy this blog. BTW, thanks for buying from my amazon portal. The 92 cents I made are now invested in a retirement fund. I hope to net 32 cents by the time I'm 65.

My links were updated last week. I managed to remove some of the now inactive blogs and to add one new one. This, no longer anonymous med-blogger (since he's been on the 'blogs of note' this month) Ah yes Medical School. It's pretty entertaining and he's chosen the blue template. The same one I chose to begin with before I updated to this new and much more hip template- That I really need to change.