Saturday, October 22, 2005

Grunt if You Like It

GruntDoc recently gave an interview to Kent Bottles that he posted on his site. In spite of his own assessment I found the interview interesting. I also thought that it was entertaining to hear what he actually sounds like.

Some very funny moments when he was asked if he would do this again. I think the awekward pause he managed to mask with the old "aaaaaaa....." (must've been thirty seconds) was hilarious. I can only imagine what was going through his mind but I know the feeling: "I would, heck no I wouldn't, yes I would, no way, yes, no, yes, no, heck I don't know, what the hell else would I do anyways..."

When asked about his favorite blogs he must've simply forgot to mention this one. I'm sure it was on the tip of his tongue but the tension of being interviewed made him forget the name "CHRONICLES OF A MEDICAL MAD HOUSE!!!!" Right???

I was also asked to be interviewed but so far I haven't come to a decision if to participate. I can't imagine I'd have anything interesting to say. Frankly, I think some of my answers really depend on which side of the bed I wake up that particular morning. Some of the things that would come out of my mouth may just really frighten my readers. Of course no one wants to hear that.