Friday, July 15, 2005

Friday: 10 Random Things I asked My Interns To Do Today

First, I intended to apologize for the very light posting on this blog as of late. I have some planned posts that I really want to write but this rotation is so brutal that if I get home early all I want to do is hang out with Jordan (Future Intern).

As I said, I 'intended' on apologizing but then I thought to check out some of the bloggers I love to read, as I haven't checked in for a while. I noticed Dr. Charles is on his little break, so is Orac. Maybe...maybe it's Summer, finally, and whatever time I do get I like to spend outdoors. So I will give a pseudo-apology for the light blogging. I will return when I get inspired or when I get enough rest, whichever comes first.

Of course, no Friday would be complete without the Ten things I asked my Interns to do today. So here goes:

1. I sent my female Intern with the big boobs to ask the interventional Radiologists to do a STAT PICC line. I apologize for my male shovenism to my readers. The PICC line was placed, STAT.
2. Go take a detailed history on a patient that I was supposed to present at a conference later in the day.
3. Discharge a patient.
4. Gave an assignment to do a future presentation on Hyponatremia.
5. Asked for a PTT on a patient every 6 hours. A very very hard to stick patient.
6. Transferred a patient to Surgery.
7. Push Social Work for placement.
8. Increased the dosage on a few meds.
9. Sent my student to get us breakfast.
10. A rectal exam.