Friday, July 08, 2005

Friday: 10 Random Things I Asked My Interns to Do Today

1. Take a history on a patient he will not admit. (Made him quite angry)
2. reinsert an IV port.
3. Beg Bedboard to allow us to transfer a patient to another floor. (I sent chocolate)
4. Page surgery and pretend to be very upset about a patient on our service who's been awaiting surgery for a week now.
5. Discuss giving meds correctly with the nurse.
6. Order an Echocardiogram.
7. Order a Renal Ultrasound.
8. Call three atendings to inquire about their desired work-up.
9. medical student to draw blood on a patient.
10. A rectal exam. (My day is never complete without asking for at-least one rectal exam)

BTW, I neglected to mention that it seems my disciples are now spreading the madness. Look out for some more Madness coming to a hospital near you.