Tuesday, December 28, 2004

You Suck!

When physicians get sued after all they’ve sacrificed it’s just a horrible slap in the face. It degrades us, makes us feel worthless and makes everything we’ve worked to achieve seem unappreciated. If you could do a better job, you should do it yourself! People die, sometimes early, sometimes, no matter what we do. Accept it.

But here is something I recently discovered after speaking to my patients this month. Patients believe this shit. They really believe it. The lawyers have won and you know who’s to blame, we are.

Us “doctors” who have been so nice as to not speak up, instead, we’ve had our heads in our asses, quite frankly. My father puts it best “they were spitting in your face and you denied and said it was raining”.

It began with HMO’s screwing us because they want to get their bottom line up and our payments down. Now we can’t see a patient for longer than 10 minutes and we get paid less than we ever did. Furthermore, we’re the ones they sue when something goes wrong not the insurance companies. We were nice and felt bad for the patients, who really are just stuck in the middle of all this. Yep, “nice”. Were the lawyers nice? Were the insurance companies?

Now, we’re getting sued because lawyers need to make a living. We again stood by as they did a fantastic job of selling this to the general public. Believe me, it’s sold! Are you going into medicine? Expect to get sued. Lawyers win.

Personally, I’ve had enough. You patients suck. I know you believe this shit and, unfortunately, I don’t think you’re worth it any longer. From here on in my primary goal is to protect myself. Even, if it’s at a cost to your health, time and energy.

Deal with it.