Monday, December 13, 2004

Shameless Self Promotion

(Express your fury in the consults section. Or your agreement, although, I highly doubt it)

After four years of college, one year of a masters, four years of medical school and two years of residency, I am tired.

This year, I competed for a gastroenterology (GI) fellowship. After many hours of work on applications, personal statements and waiting, I have gotten absolutely no invitations for interviews. The time has come to accept the inevitable; GI is not in my future.
Now, the more difficult question, what do I want to do with the rest of my life?

I never really expected that it would come to this. Throughout medical school I assisted in a lot of research and worked in many different GI clinics. The thought of trying something else never really occurred to me. For a while I had an affair with Cardiology but that affair has fizzled and I am left widowed, without a future and without motivation.

General Practice is the next obvious choice. I enjoy people and also enjoy weekends off. Obviously, I’ll have to learn how to inject steroids into joints and maybe even some Pediatrics. But I will survive. I will thrive.

In a year or so I will change the name of this blog to “Chronicles of a Corrupt Medical Madman”. A meeting will be arranged with all my future consulting physicians and I will hold an auction to see who can give back the largest “kick-backs”. Beautiful young female pharmaceutical agents will enter every other day, each with their daily offering of pens, lunches and vacations. I will enjoy them all, I will prescribe them all and I will take whatever this system has to offer.

After twelve years of work and one large disappointment, am I not entitled?