Sunday, November 14, 2004

You Dirty Bastard

A little about me

This is my second year of residency in Internal Medicine and this is the time that we apply to our desired fellowship or specialty. This is a little premature since during our first year we’re little more than scut monkeys and pretty much end up doing much of nothing other than all the grunt work. This hardly leaves time to think much less come to the realization that one would like to do a specific something for the rest of his life. However, this is the state of affairs and who am I to challenge it.

Throughout medical school I’ve always felt a certain attraction to the field of Gastroenterology (GI) and it was my love. I’ve chosen to apply to GI earlier this year and I am now waiting for the results of my applications, negative thus far. Here’s the problem, over the course of my first year I hated Cardiology but since the beginning of my second I’ve taken a real liking to the field. Enough to really consider being an EKG man forever.

Now, I feel really naughty. I’ve taken the time away from GI to go and flirt with someone new. An affair so heart pounding it sends palpitations through my myocardium and into the apex of my soul. Such a horrific betrayal. Thus my affair has turned into an intoxication of electrical impulses, an obsession.

Madman, you little flirt. And you’re married too!