Friday, November 18, 2005

Things To Do For My "Inner Child"

Recently, Misha (sorry no address) wrote a response to one of my posts:

"madman--you sound depressed. I think you need a diversion. How about a post of things you promise to do for your inner child.....Kind of a "to do" list. Not important achievement kinds of things....crazy things....things you have never done. You are clever....I trust you can come up with some good ones"

I thought "Heck, I spend half my day day-dreaming anyways so why not actually write down what I would love to do. So here it is, a list of what the 'little me' would really enjoy doing and then things I promise to actually do: (Some of these will get me in trouble)

Things I Would Love To Do:

1. Fly in a hot air balloon
2. Take a submarine trip
3. Scuba Dive in the Sainai
4. Try Cocaine
5. Learn to Tango really well
6. Perform in a play
7. Take a home renovation course
8. Make love to Adriana Lima
9. Meet Some of My Readers in Person
10. Fly a plane

Things I Promise to Actually Do:

1. Take a submarine trip
2. Scuba in Sainai
3. Perform in a play
4. Meet some of my readers
5. Learn to tango
6. Make love to Adriana (If she lets me)

I guess that's a big "If"
Have a great weekend