Monday, November 21, 2005

It's My Blog, Whaddayagonnado?

I've been thinking about money lately. I think the reason is simple: I love money! There I said it. Finally, it's such a relief, I'm out of the closet.

Naturally, I've been doing a lot of reading about the topic. Mainly, reading about buisness and investing through various blogs that deal with...'buisness and investing'. I happen to find some of these pretty helpful. Not in that 'How can I help a fellow human being' helpful but more in the way of 'How can I make myself rich' .

Some of the most interesting things I found were quite discouraging. For example, did you know that had I not attended medical school the odds that I will be rich would have been much greater. Do you know how much compound interest can add up to given an extra ten years head start.

The lifestyle that physicians need to maintain can also add up to a lot of cash. Those Armani suits aren't cheap you know.

Now, I know most of you will say that my future salary should more than make up for the lost time. Possibly. But, don't forget that I am starting in the minus. Medical school loans will haunt me probably for the duration of my physical being. Should I die, I'm convinced the collection agency will find a way to contact me. they will ask that I work out an alternative payback plan. Maybe I'll be the collector's guardian angel, for a fee.

Recently, I read Rich Dad Poor Dad, and you might say it certainly made me think. There are also tons of blogs out there that deal with money and many of them will be popping up on my sidebar soon enough. Not so much so you can go and check them out but more so for me. I do recommend the rest of you residents spend some time reading up as well. We can all use a little education about money and it would be quite refreshing to take care of yourself, once in a while.

I apologize that the medical comedy you come here for has been noticeably absent recently but I have other things on my mind. This is a blog about a journey through residency and finance is certainly part of that journey.

Wealth Junkie: A young man's journey to becoming a billionaire.
Phil Town, Rule #1: Attempting to teach a special method of investing. That is Rule #1.
Fat Pitch Financials: Currently covering 30 days to becoming a better investor.
Frugal For Life: Currently hosting the Carnival of Personal Finance.

Of Course, I take no responsibility for any of the advice on any of these blogs. I do however encourage learning about investing. This is certainly one course I unfortunately never attended.

If any of you know other sites I should be reading please metion them. I'm always open to suggestions.