Tuesday, July 26, 2005


“Well, the thing is that I don’t expect you to do this well, I mean, you’re going to be an ER resident. You’re actually supposed to learn to do this wrong”
“Shut up you sarcastic dork”
“Just kidding! You’re not supposed to learn to do this wrong but just wrong enough”
“You act so high and mighty about your internal medicine”
“Well, I mean, internal medicine requires thinking”
“Oh and ER doesn’t?”
“Yes it does, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that as an ER resident you’re trained to come to the wrong conclusion. At least that’s my experience”
“Ohhhhh….I am so gonna kick your ass”
“Look, you should be happy. At least you’re not going to be an Orthopod like the Sub-I”
“Oh yeah…Where on your spectrum of intelligence does Orthopedics lie”
“Well, if I had to place Emergency it would somewhere in the middle, you know, does everything, just not so well. Maybe slightly above Rehab Medicine”
“And Ortho. Well, I guess I would place Ortho slightly above…..Housekeeping”
“Oh, I am on service next month and you are so not getting a consult” Says the Sub-I.
“What do you mean, what if my car breaks down? We always need Orthopods to repair the cars out in the parking lot”
“OH! You are sooooo not getting a consult”

White Team.