Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Grand Rounds and the L.A. Times

Never ignore your emails. At least that's what I learned today after catching the recent article published in the L.A. Times on Physician blogs. It features a few of my favorite blogs in The examining room and The prolific Oncology Writer. I do recall being sent an email to respond to but I ignored it. Figures it was just another Spam mail. Oh Well.

Having read the article I've come to realize something that I often forget. What we do is a mystery to people who don't understand medicine. This is easy to forget on your twenty third hour. In retrospect, I often do realize that what I do is "F*cking Awesome"! It's a mind rush I usually only get in retrospect, since I'm usually so anxious while it's actually happening!

So to get a better feeling for it go check out Grand Rounds. It's hosted by Medgadget this week.

Also, I wanted to direct your attention towards a new blog that's captured my attention. Imagine rounding every morning with the world? Enough consults for you?