Friday, June 10, 2005

Friday 10 Random Things I Asked My Interns to Do Today

1. Turn a bedbound patient with no mental status over so we can have a look at his decubitus.

2. Clean off that same decub and put dressing on it.

3. Go hassle the CT tech to do a STAT CT on a patient we suspect had a leg clot travel to her lungs. I told him to take some chocolate.

4. Draw an Arterial Blood Gas from that same patient.

5. Smack the third year student for slacking off (Lightly of course!). It was a joke; Intern did it anyways. I’m so proud of her.

6. Call Infectious Disease for a consult. This is because I hate talking to the fellow on call that day. He’s such an ass!

7. Pull out a Naso-Gastric tube. This was one of the few happy things we get to do.

8. Put a peripheral IV line in a patient.

9. Get a urinary toxicology panel.

10. Sit down and enjoy the Dunkin Donuts and coffee I bought them for being awesome interns. We finish our rotation together this Sunday.

An amusing moment during rounds this morning when a patient known to shoot up with cocaine and heroin requested a central line so that we won’t stick him so often. That was funny!