Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Grey's anatomy, First episode. and Grand Rounds

I couldn't resist another Grey's Anatomy post. This sunday I saw the first episode (rerun) and it answered some questions. First, Miranda is a resident. Just a simple resident, which was a let down because with her attitude I had her pegged for Chief Resident. Now, she's too bitchy to be just a resident.

Second, they are supposed to have a seven year residency which I found strange since most Surgery residencies are only five years. But at least they won't have the same problem 'Scrubs' has with running out of residency years too early in the show.

I could see why the show caught on so fast. The first episode was a little better with Surgery handling Seizures and the usual Attending begging brand new interns to figure out what's wrong with his patients. Reminds me of my intern year when my Attending practically knelt before me and kissed my feet so that I would bail him out and mis-diagnose everything! (they're INTERNS).

the series opens with Meredith Grey sleeping with Dempsey. They act as if this is so casual they don't even know each other's name. Except this really doesn't fit with the Ms. Grey we've come to know. It's terribly out of character.

OK, no more Grey's Anatomy for this year. Maybe forever, the show really doesn't interest me so much any more. I feel bad switching to reviewing 'House' since others are already doing it. But hey, it's my blog.

Grand Rounds is here.

Update: Tangled Bank here