Thursday, May 12, 2005

Dear NBC;

Recently, I’ve taken the liberty of reviewing medical television shows. I was not appointed this position by a higher power, no; I simply assumed the project as I realize it is missing from the blogosphere. During this time I have grown enough confidence to believe that my opinion counts and that often it is dead on accurate. I believe that my readers would tell me otherwise. I am turning to you in a desperate attempt to save the few fond and warm memories of a show I once loved.

When ER first aired it was a tremendous sensation. We were introduced to a staff of physicians who seemed to have a higher purpose. You showed us the intricacies of emergency medicine, trauma surgery and even departmental politics. The weekly compendium of complications and resuscitations were exciting, and at the time, different from anything we've seen before.

I still remember relating to Noah as a medical student, and how irate it made me when he, and all the other med students, always knew the answer. But I loved him no less. Yes, I even remember Lucy and the tragic end.

I can safely say that you alone have inspired a whole generation of wanttobe doctors. Many of my fellow residents owe their dreams solely to your show. Which makes what I’m about to write all the more difficult.

It is with sad tears that I say this to you. Not like an unwelcome stranger but more like a Forty year old son still living at home:

You have overstayed your welcome.

One too many codes, a few too many psychiatric rages, motor vehicle accident victims, medical students dying, burned out nurse stories. Too many child abuse cases and way too many physicians from past episodes unexpectedly popping up and mysteriously returning to full time posts.

Let’s face it; the original cast is long gone except for Noah Weiley. It’s like watching Guns and Roses after all the band members left to rehab, or died in their own vomit. Maybe a sports analogy would be more appropriate. I think the closest would have to be watching Micheal Jordan in a Wizards uniform. Yes, it was Micheal but you just felt sorry for him. It was unbefitting.

That’s kind of how I feel when I watch your show now, I’m disgusted. You’ve managed to take all the love I had for you, you spit on it, threw it in the mud and stomped on it incessantly.

I was sure that after the episode with the helicopter crash through the ER you would have thrown in the towel. Alas, I was wrong. I was horrified as you continued to return for more abuse. I now have no more pity on your soul. To me you will always be a constant reminder of how Seinfeld did it right. Couldn’t you learn what he was teaching? He wasn't that far away, only one half hour separated you both. You must have been aware of the concept, go out on top.

Now as Noah is finally about to leave you must come to this same conclusion. What is ER without Dr. Carter? We’ve watched him grow from a medical student. We’ve endured his drug addiction and now, even he is leaving you.

This is a sign. I beg you. Stop!