Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Lines Intersect

Future Intern has blurred the lines. Some of the latest mishaps in my ICU (usually at 3 am):

Conversation 1:

Nurse: Doctor, mister Jones blood pressure is 80/40.
Groggy, Tired Me (GTM): What is it again?
Nurse: Eighty over forty
GTM: Give him four ounces.
Nurse: What?
GTM: Similac, give him four ounces.

Conversation 2:

Nurse: Mr. Jones is agitated
GTM: Did you check his diaper?

Conversation 3:

Patient: Doc I’m having trouble sleeping at night
GTM: Do you take a bath before sleep time?
Patient: What?
GTM: Try a bath and THEN take the bottle.

I need more sleep.

Update: That last patient started sleeping a lot better now that he takes a bath before sleep time.