Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Powerless Figurines

“Can I close the door?”
“Do you need to?”
“O.K. what’s on your mind?”
“I need help. *GIANT can’t help me”
“Why do you think he can’t help you?”
“He’s getting senile, he doesn’t remember anything, he doesn’t know medicine anymore”
“Are you sure you want to do this”
“Do what?”
“Challenge this guy”
“No, What I want to do is get you to tell the *COMMISH that you heard this”
“You think that the *COMMISH doesn’t know”
“Does he know?
“Everyone knows”
“What are you guys waiting for, why haven’t you made him a teaching attending or asked him to retire?”
“He built this place man, he’s the GIANT”
“He’s a danger. I’m all alone up there. You need to step in”
“I can’t do that”
“You’re the chief Resident. Tell the *COMMISH he needs to step in”
“I’m not doing that either. My neck is on the line if I do that. The *COMMISH is a good friend of GIANT”
“This can’t go on”
“Talk to *GIANT”
“You Fuckin wuss. You’re the chief resident.”
“I’m not crazy”
“Is this meeting over?”
“If you want it to be”
“What am I supposed to do?”
“Finish the month and you’ll never have to deal with him again”
“What about the next Resident, what about the patients?”
“Watch out for them yourself, you can do it”
“This is the CCU. You must be kidding right?”
“You’re not the first and you’re not going to be the last”
“We’ll see about that”
“What do you mean?”

As I storm out of the room the door slams behind me.