Thursday, January 20, 2005

Parody of Blog (Episode 4)- Chewing the Fat

This week's Parody features The Cheerful Oncologist and St. Nate, both fantastic reads and highly enjoyable and both available in the consult section of this blog. (Dark Yellow is a link)

“What do you think you’ll do now?”
I don’t know, we’ll see, maybe Heme Onc
Can you deal with all the cancer patients and the dying?”
Is it any different that what we have now. If it’s not heart failure it’s cancer
“I guess”, as he throws his feet on the table, quite non-challantly.
Guess what I have downstairs” He comes in giggling.
You look happy, what is it?”
No, no it’s really wrong of me. It’s not funny. But it is funny. But it’s not funny”. He hinted at a slight bit of guilt as he laughed. No, not laughed, snickered, that crafty St. Nate.
“Now you BETTER tell us”
I have a guy who wanted to jump out a second story window
“Get out, why is he coming to medicine?...STOP laughing, That’s not funny”
But it is. Get this, he finally gets the courage to jump out the window. He’s all smashed from the booze and high on the cocaine and he gets ready to rush to the window and on his way to the window he faints
“That’s fucking funny”, We all laughed. It wasn’t funny, really, but it was. Funny, really. Sorry.
Well, sometimes even the best laid plans…”, the future Oncologist said.
“Yeah, real genius”
I have a better one
“Common man, I can use a break”
Lady codes on 8 East. My Intern is in her twenty second hour of the night. The name of the patient is Ms. Smith. Well, here’s where it gets interesting. The name of the patient NEXT to Ms. Smith is Ms. Smithen
“No she didn’t”
Yes, yes she did
Get out
The family got a phone call, freaked, and then got another phone call and freaked again
“What did you do to your intern?”
I laughed at her, what else?”
Oops” The life was good. It was slow, we were bonding.
“What did she tell the family?”
Hey, you want the good news or the bad news?”
“I love Interns. They’re…Interns”
You telling me you didn’t make fun of her?”
All day man
I kept asking her to confirm the patient’s name every time she spoke to me about someone
“You’re going to give her a self esteem problem you know”
Isn’t that what it’s all about?”
Being a doctor
“It’s all about Relativity”
“Yes, I remember someone else who had a few screw-ups of his own?”
Hmmmm…who might you be referring to” As he prepped for the onslaught.
“Do you really need me to point it out?”
Na, just kidding
Why the hell do we do this anyways, just remind me please
It’s fun, in a sick, demented, ironic sort of way
“Mostly sick and demented”
Have it you way

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