Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Grand Rounds

This week’s Medical Grand Rounds are at Waking up Costs.

Some thoughts about hosting the Grand Rounds last week.

First and foremost, it was fun. Getting to read a whole bunch of new blogs which I knew were there but never quite had a chance to sit and actually dissect was very satisfying and was a great break from the extraordinary stressful situation at work that week.

Second, and the point of this post. I was watching everyone’s introduction, or link, to my Grand Rounds. Mainly to see the way in which they would characterize this blog. Some of my favorites:

DB Medical Rants: “The Medical Madhouse (our favorite pissed off resident) hosts”. Well, Dr. Centor, I am flattered. I’m just wondering, what gave the impression that I’m a pissed off Resident? What could that be? Hmmm…(Note: Every post I ever wrote)

CodeBlueBlog: “The Madman has somehow been able to put together an astute compendium despite his maddening schedule”. Yes, the schedule was maddening and yes I did manage to pull it off. How would I do that? A medical mystery of sorts? Perhaps, a future CSI Medblogs? What do you think CodeBlue?

Blogborygmi: “Thin line: Finding a narrative where others see randomness: It's either a sign of genius, or the mark of madness”. Well, thanks Nick. I think? Hmmmm…which one is it?

Shrinkette practically had to apologize for this one: “Thanks to the metaphorically-challenged doctor for including a reference to this site”. I emailed her about the "metaphrically challenegd" comment to find out exactly what she meant.

later that same day she added:
“And dear Dr. Madman, I admire your blog, very much! The words "Mad Man" and "Madhouse" evoke images, and in psychiatry we spend much time trying to counter those images. (I've posted about this before.) But anyone who aspires to medicine residency, or to understand doctors, should read Dr. Madman's blog. He brings doctors "real-time flashbacks of residency," as DoctorMental says”.

Well, I can’t be upset with her. I understand her blog is a blog dealing with psychiatry and as she states, they are trying to counter those stereotypical images. Well, I wish you the best of luck with those nutjobs (just kidding)…

And My favorite of all: “Take a hit of the Haldol salt lick at the Medical Madhouse”. Chance to Cut. I have nothing to add to this one, it is great.

Overall, thanks to everyone who contributed and everyone who came to read.