Thursday, December 23, 2004

Parody of Blog (Episode 2)

(The two web sites featured this week are Ad Nauseum and the Anonymous Clerk. Both can be found in the consult section of this blog)

A healthy young woman found comatose on a main avenue sidewalk. Onlookers pass by as if this specimen is not of their race, not to their liking. AdNauseum was raised off the cold pavement by a caring Emergency Technician who was called to perform this duty but carried it out whole-heartedly as he knew this soul was in need of help. The stench that emanated from the overused clothing was both worrisome and nauseating and as she entered this mad place disapproval was present.

I know these patients need my help, but more often than not, they refuse it. Being on the receiving end of medicine is often not as thrilling as we’d like to pretend. No matter how nicely we dress it up .

When we arrived at the ER we found her in the company of a student. This lone Anonymous Clerk (*Student) is often the only aids eager to help. More often than not, they are also the only ones who know what is going on .

This young man, a single medical student fending for himself in this Mad House stood before us. He was instructed to find the urethra and insert a foley. Usually, this should be done by nurses but due to the nature of this pungent specimen they sent the poor med student. Sometimes the staff can be such asses .

It is only after being in the house for a long time and seeing these cases repeatedly that one realizes how unfortunate the whole thing is. How unfortunate for them for going through this, how unfortunate for us for witnessing. How unfortunate for everyone locked in their role, attending this house, this shift. Everyone trapped in their own Homonculus .

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