Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Grand Rounds 9- Diff and Overworked- Missing!

(Fictional Piece- Part 1)

Something strange happened this morning and the Mad House is buzzing. All was peaceful when Diff and Overworked entered the CCU. I was standing across the room on the other side of the nursing station. They were both obviously trying to get my attention.

As I turned to face them Overworked was yelling across the room at me but I couldn’t hear her muffled voice over the loud ringing of the monitors. Suddenly, and with the precision of a mafia kidnapping, they were both tackled by two brutes from Risk Management and whisked away. I gave chase and came within sight of Diff. Her mouth was covered with tape and she was trying to convey a message to me by hand signals. She held up her index finger in three repetitions (like 1.1.1) and then she waved her arms in a big circle. A Big Circle? 1.1.1? What does it all mean?
I’ve yet to figured it out, but be sure that I will keep you updated.

Meanwhile, check out this week’s Grand Rounds at my psych consult Shrinkette. It look great with many entries including TYTD. When you finish them you must take 20 minutes to read this. It’s a little long, it is serious and it is a must read.

By the way, do any of you know where my interns are? If they think I’m drawing bloods this morning they have another thing coming.