Thursday, October 28, 2004

Night Floating

Due to the new hours regulations in effect for all residents we now have a few weeks a year where we live for the night and exist only to admit admit and admit. This is called the “night float”.
Every day at 7 am just as our brain cells finally arrive at the realization that although we’ve been “floating” all night, our legs, arms and higher cortex neurons are damn tired, we need to present our workups to the COMMISH. Yes, sexual failure COMMISH, this should be a very fun two weeks.
I am on with another resident whom I respect. If not for his intellect, M is quite a character. He has a way of easing things up a bit. I remember the time that one of the patients in the ED took out his glass eye and rolled it on the floor just so M would pay some attention to him. M just started laughing and, picked up the glass ball and said “Don’t worry, I’m keeping an EYE on you”. I lost it.
I’ll keep you guys posted on the events of nighttime madhousing. I hope things improve for me a little, right now I don’t happen to like my life so much in many respects. This is actually my therapy and I wanted to thank all of you for keeping an EYE on me. Second year of residency certainly didn’t start the way I expected it to.