Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Blog Spam

All that keeps popping up on my email are all these comments from blog spammers. You'd think that this page was ranked a PR 9.

Frankly, I don't know what the page rank is but I would bet it's no bigger than a 2. So really, how much value is there to spamming here? Try the bigger guys like some of these Attending on medlogs or something. You can check back here next year. I really don't think that you're doing such a good job of search engine optimization and maybe that's the biggest insult, I'm worthless to you so go somewhere else.

If you must spam, and I'm sure you will so I'll stop trying to prevent you, please contribute with a worthwhile comment first and THEN tell me how good the viagra on your site is.

Really, who told you I need Viagra anyways????I mean...maybe, that's never really happened to, Really...OK, it happened one time but I was drunk...ok, not DRUNK but intoxicated.