Thursday, September 01, 2005

I Am Back, Baby!

So, It's been a while.

September first today and this blog is 1 years old. It's officially the longest hobby I've ever kept. Judo lasted 7 months before I walked out in the middle of a session, learning french lasted 4 months, painting 2 months, tennis 5 months and the I can go on for the rest of this entry but I'll spare you.

Although I've been silent the last month I've been intending to get back to writing. Some really brutal rotations interfered. I'll post about these really soon. I also had some personal difficulties (nothing extremely serious) that I wanted to deal with and I needed a break from the blog or at least from the commitment to post.

Third year is so different than the second, I think mostly in the mindset. I'm actually starting to think about life as an Attending, finding a job, passing the Internal Medicine boards. Do I want to do a fellowship or not? If you remember I was a SYR (Second year reject) and so now I'm thinking about reapplying. I'de like to try for Cardiology. It would mean that I'd have to be a hospitalist for a year or two but the bright side is that I'de make some money before starting another slaveship fellowship.

Jordan is wonderful. She is becoming more interactive every day and she's such a daddy's girl.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day Weekend. I'll post when I return.