Friday, July 29, 2005

Friday: Ten Random Things I asked My Interns to do Today

Poor Intern. As Stated previously, said intern commited Cardinal sin #1 (The absolute worst violation) and is now in the dog house. Poor Intern (From here on designated PI) had an eventful Friday. I should procrastinate no longer and hereby list for you the Ten Random Things I asked My Interns to do Today: (Things PI had to do are *)

1. Discuss with the nurse if she can place a foley.
2. Place IV lines in three nursing home patients who have the most horrible, edematoud arms I've ever seen. *
3. Follow up blood test results.
4. Personally administer an enema. If that doesn't work...well...I'll let you know if it worked. Otherwise, poor intern. *
5. Confirm the size, shape and stage of the decubitus ulcers on the sacrum of said nursing home residents. They are quiet obese patients.*
6. Three rectal exams. *
7. Put together a good lecture on hyponatremia and the many causes of it. Make it a Powerpoint presentation.*
8. Review literature on Loss of conscience and come to a conclusion on whether this is an emergent situation.*
9. Insert a foley in a patient, himself!*
10. The enema didn't work...Poor Intern*

I wonder if he figured out what I was upset about?