Friday, March 04, 2005

Yes. The Time is Correct

Yet another day passes and Future Intern refuses to emerge. I guess she still hasn’t quite perfected some procedures. Maybe, as we speak she is examining the exact position that the LP needle needs to be inserted, you know she can get a much better approximation from the inside and she’s not so quite ready to let this opportunity end.

Posting was light this week since the Obstetrician wanted to see us every two days. Talk about a paranoid group of physicians. I can’t imagine how upset my patients would get if every two days I had to run an echocardiogram to make sure their hearts are still beating. Probably wouldn’t reflect well on my clinical skills either. I can’t blame them though, seems today an Obstetrician will get sued if a child seems to cry or can’t control his bowels immediately after birth.

We’ve now arranged for a deadline. If she refuses to come out quietly then force has to be used. I know people. I know people who know people. You got that Intern?

Knowing all the things that can go wrong really hasn’t helped my coping mechanism either. Every few hours my mind wanders about the latest worst case scenario and the scenarios keep getting more deadly.

I’ve been posting since four AM. Hell, I’m wide awake. I’ve been awake all night. This is one massive panic attack. I’ve just realized, we’re going to have a baby, an actual human being. I’ve been begging god for so many things recently he may just confuse me for a religious man.