Friday, March 04, 2005

Great Response 1

Concerning my Ethics post. Dr. Bernstein was took the imte to explain why there really was no dilemma at all, as I can't prove anyone is lying. Thanks Dr. Bernstein:

"A legal surrogate, one assigned by the patient as a Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare, speaks for the patient when the patient has no capacity to make medical decisions. The value of such a surrogate is thet he/she is able to be informed about the current status of the patient and what therapeutic options are available to improve the patient condition or provide comfort. Also, the surrogate will be told what treatments will not accomplish a recovery or attain any goals known wished by the patient. A legal surrogate therefore speaks for the patient and the attending physician must look at the surrogate now as the patient him/herself speaking.

The only exception, as previously noted, is if the physician suspects that the surrogate is not acting in the best interest of the patient but in the surrogates own self-interest.

This "speaking for the patient" is not only legal but current consensus declares it is also ethical". ..Maurice.