Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The Round Carnival

Every week I write an entry promoting the Grand Rounds and, almost always, I completely ignore the COTV. Well, introducing the weekly installment called the Grand Carnival. Here, I will plug both the Grand Round and the COTV in ONE entry.

This week's Grand Rounds have been outsourced to India and are over at Sumer's Site. She is a Radiologist in training who always comes up with the coolest pictures.

This week's COTV will be hosted tomorrow at Soccer Dad. I've found many interesting new blogs there and great reading alike. Go and enjoy.

If there are any other carnivals I should promote (Would like to promote Skeptics Circle although I have no part in it and don't remember when it is) drop me a line.

I now moved on to a Renal elective. Mostly, I take care of people who check in for hemodialysis three times a week so that they can STAY alive. amazing. Makes you contemplte what was Kurt Cobain thinking?

Addendum: Skeptics Circle this Thursday at Orac. Don't miss this week's Parody here this Thursday as well. Instead of making a weekly Parody the schedule, as you can tell, has changed to "whenever I get inspired" Parody. I got inspired. I am also working on changing the template as soon as I can, have a great idea.

On the brink of the arrival of the Future Intern. Will let you guys know.

Big things are coming.