Thursday, February 03, 2005

Parody Of Blog- Episode 4

This week’s Parody features only Respectful Insolence. Great writing is the rule and Orac knows how to do it. As always, the link is also available in the consult section of this blog.

As the massive tumor that has ravaged this young girl stared at us from its place inside her breast we finally understood the strength of denial. It was not that she didn’t notice the growth but just how much she did. Unfortunately we knew that it will lead to demise and her indifference would be her conclusion.

Orac was no stranger to this foe. Having lost beloved patients and friends he has dealt with this willing of the soul for ignorance. His introduction to the world of Oncology Surgery was grueling and three years later, on this anniversary, he was still fighting this never relenting foe. Unknowingly, he knew that this fight will last the rest of his life. He fights in the name of the countless others who had gone before.

This enemy will keep reinventing itself and Orac will take his best shots wherever he can. One win at a time, one treatment , one patient, one case. Sometimes giving in, even not fighting, can be a silent victory.

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