Friday, February 04, 2005


CodeBlueBlog calls for medical Bloggers to submit their posts and materials to Carnivals like COTV and the other Brainchildren of Siflaya. At the same time he takes a stab at a little startup blog that peaked my curiousity (check it out here. go ahead, it's short).

I will try not to take it personally. His point is well taken though and is something that I have been thinking about for quite a while.

As many have noticed I've begun to post about topics which I find interesting and serious. I am even contemplating starting something of a Mad House mAdschool series, such as the one featured here. My dillema is simple and is probably the point my mentor at CodeBlueBlog was trying to make. How can I continue to write serious blogging under the name of Mad House Madman? Shall I emerge from the shadows of anonymity in order to be taken seriously or must I at least change my title?

I will be pondering all this weekend as we are moving (real apartments that is).

BTW, some of you have been asking. The wife is doing great and is quite ready to hang an eviction notice inside her uterus because its already getting uncomfortable. Future Intern needs to finish her residency. NOW INTERN!