Saturday, January 08, 2005

Old Nightmares

While flipping through some of the archives yesterday I came across this reader who wrote the comment below in a post about cancer:

I watched my husband die of Lung cancer about 10 years ago just before he turned 50. My belief in a great God let me know that he could be healed on earth or in heaven he could have complete healing and a new body... God can heal or call us home. If we love him, we will follow him... What bothers me most is that when I got cancer last year and I looked into alternative medicine I was shocked to learn about the Rife Frequency machine and how there has been a cure for cancer for almost 50 years. It amazes me how the FDA can pass so many bad things and squelch so many good things.... I guess in thic corrupt world money buys lots of things. I'm thankful I have a God that is in control of my life But gives me decision making power.... That is SUCH A BLESSING

First of all:
1. Please don’t ever leave a comment in an archive entry that is this serious. I don’t go through them, almost never.
2. Please run to your oncologist NOW! No alternative therapy has ever been proven to cure cancer, including the Rife Frequency Machine. Oncology may not be perfect but at least has shown success in many forms of cancer. Please RUN to your Oncologist now.
3. I don’t have the ability to have something like this on my conscience. I won’t be able to sleep at night. Again, don’t put serious things like this in the comments of Archives because I almost never see it. I cannot take responsibility for things left there. I am not taking responsibility for anything on this blog. Please consult with your doctor.