Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Grand Rounds 10- Psychiatry Must Pay

(Fiction Part 2)- Here for Part 1

The sudden disappearance of Diff and Overworked sent shock waves through the Madhouse. The consequences of which remain to be seen.

Frankly, watching our Interns abducted before our eyes by the Brutes from Risk Management was a troubling warning sign. My Co-Resident and I held a meeting of all Residents the following day. The meeting was called on an emergent basis and held in secret principally to avoid detection by the Attendings, especially the *COMMISH. We concluded that big circle and 1.1.1. were indeed a code and we were confident that with a little digging we could get to the bottom of this.

That same day we headed directly to the Risk Management office. We wanted our Interns back, immediately. Of Course, there would be hell to pay if we would have to draw the bloods and do our own rectal examinations for another day.

The door was locked but we persisted. Ten hours later, Diff and Overworked emerged from the office; their eyes dilated and glazed over in confusion. Blogborygmi grabbed me from behind and told me that the *Students and *Sub-Is got a tip that my Interns were hypnotized. Our suspicion was immediately confirmed when Psych consults Shrinkette and Intueri followed not far behind.

As to the role of the Psychiatry Department in this incident, we are still pondering the best course of action for our revenge but we are sure it will include some Ativan, a lot of Haldol and all the wrist and ankle restraints in this hospital. Meanwhile, we felt that the two shrinks should be shadowed at all times and so we sent the Students Med School Blues and Med Body to keep us informed of their movements. For now, our revenge will have to wait.

We headed immediately to the Radiology suite where Codeblue would be. We had no doubt that if anyone could break this mystery he can. Of course, Big Circle and 1.1.1. were not great clues to go on but if Codeblue knows who killed Yasser Arafat this should be no difficult task. If all else fails we may go to the MOL or even Charles, and we’ll ascend up the latter as needed, even to the *COMMISH.

Because no one messes with our Interns!

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