Sunday, September 12, 2004


Two weeks ambulatory, two weeks vacation, one month research elective, another month research elective, two more weeks of vacation, tomorrow…CCU. This was my schedule for the last 3 months. I started ambulatory at the end of my intern year and went directly (post 1 week in Puerto Rico) into vacation, research for two months and vacation once more. All in all, three months off clinical practice of any kind.

While most would salivate for this schedule I’ve come to realize something about myself which apparently everyone else already knew. I can’t stand having more than 2 weeks with nothing to do. As my wife puts it “I have a chilly pepper in my ass” (It sound better in Hebrew).

Well, to the point. Tomorrow I return to my first day as a second year resident. My first rotation is in the CCU. It’s one of our two rotations a year that we spend at a private hospital. And while floating the floor is usually misery personified, being in this hospital’s CCU is like a wet dream come true. Nurses are motivated and practically run the place, residents get to sleep and when they wake up they’re given a list of orders to enter in the computer. Stuff the nurses did all by themselves overnight because they didn’t want to wake you up. God bless their souls.

I’m rereading, for the fourth time, the complexities of a code. I remember nothing. RUST! And as the metal slowly creeks and the brain function returns and neurotransmitters begin to form once more I realize I am facing an uphill battle. Wish me luck my friends. Over the next 2 weeks my supratentorium should come back to life, who knows, maybe it’ll help make my blogging a little more interesting.

I started this blog not as a medical source but more as a chronicle of our exploitationa dn as a place that we can bind together and rant and rave and mumble anything that comes to mind. To all who enter feel free to give your experiences, as yours are certainly different than mine. To the interns out there we know you are angry, feels free to rant, we understand!