Friday, September 10, 2004


It takes a lot to move me to write. In my nature I am quite passive, being very content in letting the world do as it may in front of my eyes, be it wrong or right. But I draw the line here. During the 10 seasons of ER, I had my moments when I was ready to blow but last night topped the charts. I am speaking of the new NBC Thursday show “Medical Investigation”. A new, exciting, thrilling, mind blowing load of shit.

Let’s take it from the top:
1- I don’t know a doctor that is that high strung, let me rephrase, I don’t know a GOOD doctor that is that high strung. In my opinion, the only medical mystery this guy needs to figure out is where his valium is. He also needs to stop using Crest strip teeth whiteners…I can’t see the patients due to the reflection of light emanating from his mouth.
2- The NIH doesn’t send out helicopters to get anybody. They barely have enough funding to embezzle.
3- Osteogenesis Imperfecta is one of the main DD’s (Differential Diagnosis) for suspected trauma. The fact that he took a helicopter to another state to make the diagnosis of an obvious disease only further explains why the NIH doesn’t have enough money! ;-} It also says we need to be teaching actors playing pediatricians better. Since they can’t rule out an obvious diagnosis. Let’s open a fund to help actors playing pediatricians.

Let me clear things up. I loved ER, BUT, I really hated the med students. I celebrated when they killed Lucy, or when carter screwed up. Enough…as a general rule in emergency rooms:

1- students DO NOT intubate. As a more realistic rule, students should be NO WHERE NEAR THE VICTIM in the case of trauma.
2- Students DO NOT know everything, like those geniuses on ER. God I wanted to puke every time they got another answer right.
3- Doctors don’t fight on the floor.
4- Helicopters don’t crash through ER walls.
I could go on forever. Feel free to contribute as I’m sure your pet peeve’s are bigger than mine.